Tuesday, 18 February 2014

421 Locks and 528 Miles

Our mooring today is in Weedon having traveled from Gayton this morning. Scanning the map for anything interesting  Royal ordnance depot disused suggested further investigation.  This ancient fire engine is resting in the Royal ordnance depot  which we are wandering round. A central canal is surrounded by eight large warehouses two of which can be seen in the picture, The canal originally joined the grand union, but not anymore one canal Emily Bronte will have to pass by .
Hilmorton lock beams are carved with words, they are the first narrow locks Emily Bronte has navigated in 9 years!
The bottom locks at Hilmorton  an extra lock was built along side the original lock in the hay day of canal transport to cope with the increase in boat traffic.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Here we go 2014.

On this chilly but dry February morning, Emily Bronte chugs into the mouth of the 3,057 yards long Blisworth tunnel.
Goodbye Milton Keynes, Thanks for your super Cycle path network, clean and dry towpaths and plenty of space to moor. We won't forget our Christmas  ice skating too
Entering the tunnel , thinking it would be deserted , on this grey mid winters day, a light shone out from the depths, a boat was approaching from the other end! this would involve a tricky passing manoeuvre with only inches to spare.
Emily slowed as the light shone brighter, inching past without touching the tunnel sides, both  crews , gave a cheery shout.
The rain of the last mouth  appeared to have waited for Emily Bronte's approach, torrents of water came cascading down   like a circular waterfall from the air shafts, mostly missing the crew !
A ghostly image emerging from the northern portal.  
Gayton junction, starboard to Northampton and the Fens (August 2014) turn to port for Braunston and beyond. Port  for us today.

A commission to keep Brian busy, decorative engine side panel for narrowboat India.