Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Posh Picnic

Weather forecast was looking promising, so decided to shut shop and cycle to Regents park for a proper picnic.
We pitched up in the inner circle next to a lush Begonia, Marigold and  Geranium garden,blazing with red and orange.
We treated ourselves to some rather nice bread,cheese and olives from M and S . Wine from Lidl! We had proper plates ,cutlery and glasses.Yes I know it's a hard life for some ?
We drunk our wine surreptitiously, as we thought there might be rules against drinking alcohol in the park, but we didn't get busted.
Had a trip to the rose garden with its glorious iconic blooms in many different shades. Roses remind me of my childhood, only people who where serious gardeners grew them , I use to collect the petals and make foul smelling perfume.
Saw a giraffe on our way home, yes honestly, it wasn't the secretly consumed red wine either, we were just passing London zoo and there it was , a wonderful sight.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Hello Kings Cross

Lewis arrived on a Boris bike eventually after trying three different bike stations!
Said goodbye to Islington with its 5 million pound houses that are suppose to have a canal view but this would only be possible when all the leaves are off the trees and you had excellent eye sight.
Went through Islington tunnel which is half a mile long, it's a bit like going on a ghost train, with real  spiders hanging from thick cob webs and very dark only being guided along by the pin prick of light which is the end, Scared yet?
Moored at Kings cross , these moorings are run by a private company ,so swamped by security guards but it's very convenient for Lewis and Frances to get to their destinations.
Mases of construction here but some pretty bits.

Saturday, 15 June 2013


Moored right next door to Boris Johnson's house, thought we might see him cycling down the tow path , but no sightings yet. Can see why he lives here , it really is beautiful, a tree lined cutting, which Is quiet for the middle of town.we are able to lock ourselves in at dusk which helps keep some of the riff raff out!
We did have a photographer rearranging things on the roof so that he could get a good photo, Brian told him it was a bit of a cheek not to ask , but he carried on regardless!
Greatly enjoying the markets both for food , vintage clothes and bric a brac.
Seen all sorts of weird and wacky boats , the best was one towing a huge inflatable pool, the sort you could jump into! , this was through the tunnel?!
Photo's specially for Dad!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ducketts Cut and back through London.

Tuesday went back up the Lea , just so we could do the leg , making a loop called The Hertford Union canal. Which started with walls covered in rather good graffiti, well I thought so ! to the lock cottages which were pretty and had lovely gardens. We moored in a nice spot next to Victoria park.
Brian got a job as soon as we moored at waterside close!
Had a walk through the park, was very impressed with the children's area , wished we had a small child on hand ,so we could test it out.
Watched crazy boot Camp in progress ,why put yourself through that in public??
Back on the Regents canal and managed to find a mooring in Islington ,which is rather nice just before the tunnel.
Nice and quiet , got my hook out and made some bunnies.

Monday, 10 June 2013

21 Today!

The fun started on Friday, mooring close to Limehouse basin , Liz ,ken and Frances soon arrived. Lewis made a late appearance as usual, blaming us for not telling him where we were!
We walked into Canary Whafe ,to smart suits and pricey shops to match, we joined in and did a spot of shopping in waitrose, but I'm afraid our style of dress gave us away as simple country folk!
Open gardens come lewis birthday at Ballast quay ,was perfect, lots of people came to visit this beautiful hidden gem. We had a great time drinking pimms, sitting on the wall ,watching the Thames flow by, chatting to the visitors and neighbours.
Cycling back through the tunnel under the river at midnight was fun! Managed to get back to the boat just about in one piece! Ask Brian about the plant pot some time ?
We all had a super time and it was the nicest garden to celebrate in.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Sunny stort

Friday night's entertainment was provided by cafe Belgique, we were moored opposite on the river, live jazz sounded good on this warm evening .Saturday evening found us on our favourite mooring of the trip so far, at Tedmanbury lock, cooking on the brazier and gazing across water meadows brimming with wild flowers, perfect. This evening we are back on the Lea at Broxbourn which is lost In time an inland seaside resort complete with pedalos!