Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Birthday Parcel Arrived

Moored opposite Windsor race course, next to the rowing lake that Frances cycled to from Sonning last week , it took her ,50 mins ,and it's taken us a week !
We cycled into Eton to pick our post up, the Etonians were dashing up and down the street ,looked like a scene from Harry Potter. I would have liked to get a photo but thought we might get into trouble with security.
My present from Kate was perfect lots of lovely materials and a book to keep me very busy.
Moored at Cliveden last night, had a beautiful walk around the woodland , we were the only ones there , it was magical ,so quiet and all you could hear was the birds. The Bluebells were just beginning to open .
The Queen is in at the castle , flags out , so we gave a cheery wave.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cuckoo's chorus

Cuckoo sings at Marlow.
All weather's over the last couple of days from scorching sunshine resulting in sunburn, to squally hail and thunder!
Crochet went well , have to get busy.
Brian cycled to High Wickham for his fix of the park run and was very  pleased to come 19 th out if 79.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Our favourite mooring on the Thames.

Early morning and it seemed we had the river to ourselves, as the day got warmer out came the elegant river launches, jaguars of the water.
We got our perfect spot at Wargrave, but all hands were on deck as Jane scrubbed the roof Brian made a jig to bend his candlesticks on, no rest today, want to be shipshape and Bristol fashion for our stay in Henley tomorrow.
Our old friend the old ash tree is creaking ,which is rather disconcerting as we are moored beneath it! We have loved this tree over the years, it has been entertainment for the children and it's fallen boughs have given us many bonfires. We planted another sapling in its honor.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Bon Voyage to the Kennet and Avon canal

Brian did an excellent job at the tiller, taking the Emily Bronte safely under the notorious high bridge, which is very low and narrow ?! With the strong flow of the river Kennet ,it was more of a sweeping out onto the Thames.
We were greeted by the sign 'stream increasing' posted at the first Thames lock, but this seemed a good birthday type day to break free of the canal, any excuse to crack the bubbly.
Frances is in love ! With her new bike , an early birthday present . Brian didn't need much persuasion to join her for a ride , Jane did though, so was quite happy to stay onboard relaxing in the sunshine at Sonning.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Waiting for water at woolhampton to wain.

Here we are , looking over the lock and deciding to give the river some respect , ie wait for it to recede a little .
Gears went slightly awry this morning in Colthrop lock, which was lucky as it could have been very tricky if this had occured while navigating on the fast flowing river sections.
Had a lovely walk along the bank,
which brought memories back of chilli dips in the river when the children would insist it was warm enough!
Jane has crocheted  her first ever doily for the port hole.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Fast ferocious flows

After three days of rain the Kennet is flowing  quite fast
Sailed down through Newbury arrived at Victoria park unscathed
Finished my new display stand lots of interest
Peace at last after model speed boats and bells have retired for the night.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Tug of war with Bronte

Very pleased to find our friends, The Kennet horse boat company are still going strong!  In Kintbury. What a majestic sight, the horse just gentle plodding down the tow path pulling its heavy load quietly through the countryside.
That tranquil picture was  slightly marred by Jane getting Bronte stuck on an underwater obstruction , which was bad enough but this was on a weir :$
After much pulling on ropes , pushing with poles and engine power, we were still in exactly the same position.
Brian got to work in getting his winch out. Yes seriously !
At this moment knights in high viz jackets appeared , volunteers anyway , so we had a game of tug of war with Bronte ,and eventually we won !
Off we went , much to our relief. Thanks to Steve and his team:-)
Moored in beautiful spot at Hamstead, the sun came out and calm was restored.
Time for Brian to go for a run and Jane to make mini roses.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Decimal ducklings

Saw Lewis off on the train back to uni from Hungerford station.
Proceded through Dunmill, Wire and Brunsdon locks to Kintbury.A monkjack deer nestled beneath a tree and didn't seem disturbed by our passing.
In Kintbury 10 ducklings appeared, the first of the year ! A sign of spring , lets hope so.

Monday, 8 April 2013

In the sticks

Hurray, the sun has got his hat on ! But Frances had to get the train back to uni , her rucksack was seriously heavy ,that didn't bother Mrs Muscle though.
The dwindling crew set off into clear blue skies, through
4 locks to moor up in the Froxfield flight of locks.
This was perfectly peaceful but found we were without internet or phone signals.
Shopped in Hungerford , had fun in the charity shops looking at old crochet patterns, I know it's sad!
Today took the boat to Hungerford surrounded by 50 friendly fishermen , we even pointed a few friendly carp out to them as the water was so clear.
Had a lovely afternoon making a very smart tea cozy .

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Blizzards Blasts Bedwyn

Yesterday Jane, Lewis and Frances cycled 12 miles through the Savernake forest and freezing winds to Marlborough. Port salut, cheddar and goats cheese from the market were the best buys. Horizontal snow was witnessed today by the crew, most were holed up in doors for the day. Hibernation may be the best idea for the next few days.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Two smoking chimneys

Moored here and we could be back in the 18th century!
Crofton steam engines are in full steam and puffs of black smoke belch out of the huge chimney.
Brian the blacksmith is working away at his forge , anvil ringing out across the water , and black smoke rises out of Bronte's modest chimney. Nearly got poetic there!
All we need now is a steam train to pass by.
Frances has regaled us with tales of her rowing escapades, capsizing and swimming in the freezing Thames. Lewis's Ukrainian friend rang him and we got to hear lewis at last , chatting and guffawing in Russian , which was amusing.
Later moving to Great Bedwyn , where we are meeting our old but young friends the Applebys . Also hoping the bakers is still going so we can have freshly baked bread for breakfast .