Sunday, 31 March 2013

Awoke to sunshine and frost, three locks to the summit.
Heathy Close, Brimslade and Cadley
Through Bruce tunnel 502 yards and no drips !
6 locks down to Crofton,
We moored below the pumping station which is in steam today.
Frances returned from a strenuous weeks rowing in Reading
She's taken her self off to bed,
Don't think we'll be far behind her,
Where did that hour go?

The Vale of Pewsey .

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Work finds Brian

Before the sign went up , Brian got his first job of the trip. word has spread that he is leaving the kennet and Avon. It could be slow getting to reading but there's no real rush as the Thames is in flood any way.
Jane has been very busy making lots of cheery bunting, which she hopes to sell to the gongoogzlers when the weather improves.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Caen hill lock flight.

The tardy crew , who couldn't get out of bed in time, set off in freezing conditions plus gusty wind.
Brian was distracted by some wood and disappeared to investigate but beat a hasty retreat, on finding it was guarded by baying dogs with large teeth! But it had warmed him up at least.
Primroses cheered us along at the locks , following icicles hanging from lock gates like spears.
We got to Devizes, after 23 locks taking 210 mins .
The sun shined briefly , and our good friend Simon appeared to cheer us on our way .

Monday, 25 March 2013

Extreme weather!

Snow first thing did not put off the intrepid crew ! 20 min shifts helped and Jane wore 3 thermal vests to prevent frost bite in delicate places.
Brian battled the wind, and lost at one point ! But bravely carried on to reach Rowde .
Just now wondering if it's ok to drink champagne with tea?

Goodbye Bradford on Avon

Thanks to everyone for last night's send off.  Great to see friends old and new.
Brrrrrrr its freezing, only managed to cruise to south side of Hilperton road bridge .
Whoops nearly collided with Jeanie Leith, sorry guys
Fishermen friendly this morning , don't know who's crazier them or us :-D their sat out in the freezing cold ,we're stood? .

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Farewell Leigh cottage

Wonderful day , starting with Marina 's beautiful cake both visually and in taste . Then visiting friends old and new ! Lots of kind loving words . Very lovely gifts from the children .

Then on to Jamie Oliver's shared gifts. Kate's poem ,which was truly amazing . Tears to flood the restaurant!
Goodbye to my lovely friends:'(